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Phillipson DS30 disc sander

Phillipson sanders designed and originally built by the former Phillipson family business in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire was transferred some years ago to the Daltons Wadkin manufacturing facility in Nottingham.

The range which incorporates disc sanders, ‘linisher’ belt sanders and contour belt sanders, initially supplied largely to the pattern making industry, are now marketed far and wide by Daltons Wadkin to a diverse cross section of manufacturers which include the aerospace and automotive industry, Formula 1 racing teams, research and development departments at high profile product manufacturers and a host of other engineering processes, as well as the more traditional pattern and other woodworking trades.

Phillipson Accurtilt sanders
Phillipson Accurtilt system

It is the unrivalled heavy duty build quality and precision engineering which marks these sanders out from the general run of imported alternatives. The machines using the same heavy base designs and matching or even improving on the same strict tolerances achieved by Mr Phillipson in Gainsborough.

The single and double sided sanding disc machines are manufactured in diameter sizes of 16, 24 and 30”. Combination disc and belt configurations are also offered incorporating a 16” disc and 6” wide horizontal/vertical belt. The contour belt model features a vertical belt travelling at selected speeds over a choice of flat or rounded radius profile bars supported by a heavy cast iron base and work table.

The Phillipson range of sanders are not only manufactuerd in the UK by Daltons Wadkin, but also supported by their extensive Support Department offering national service and maintenance coverage for the long duration of the machines life.

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