Three Salvadors for Forest Garden

Salvador SuperPush 250 at Forest Garden Prodcuts

Forest Garden Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of garden timber products. The company visited the Ligna Fair in Hannover to compare the latest automatic crosscutting technology and immediately saw that Salvador could meet their requirements. The enquiry was passed to Daltons Wadkin as sole distributors for Salvador in the UK and Ireland who arranged working demonstrations on the complete range of straight and angle cutting machines.

Andy Walsh, Sales Director for Daltons Wadkin, travelled to the Lockerbie based sawmill to assess their needs. ‘We have considerable experience with this type of application. The mill at Forest Garden is very impressive with 8 automatic crosscuts processing up to 1000 m3 of locally sourced timber a week. The original remit was to replace one of the crosscuts but once they saw what Salvador could offer it was decided that a combination of straight and angle cutting machines would offer the greatest benefit’.

Daltons Wadkin installed two Salvador SuperPush 250 crosscuts alongside a Salvador SuperAngle 600. Both SuperPush 250 machines are identical featuring 6.2m infeed length capacity, automatic chain loading and tilt return ejection system on the outfeed. ‘This is a high capacity configuration’, comments Andy. ‘Boards are stacked to maximise throughput and the chain feed system delivers a continuous supply to the machine while the outfeed system collects the cut sections before pushing them out in a pack for the operator to easily collect.’

The SuperAngle 600 offers angle cutting capacity up to +/- 70°. As with the SuperPush models the machine is processing multiple lengths at once and is also equipped with tilt return ejection system for quick outfeed sorting.

“The three Salvador’s have actually replaced four of our old automatic saws with capacity to spare”

Jerry McLachlan, Drymill Manager

Common across all Salvador automatic crosscut models is the powerful but intuitive control software and operator interface. Optimisation and defecting facility is provided as standard along with direct and offline programming of cutting lists from spreadsheets or third party stock management software.

Drymill Manager, Jerry McLachlan, is pleased with what Daltons Wadkin has delivered. ‘The three Salvador’s have actually replaced four of our old saws and still have capacity to spare. We produce a range of products including garden buildings, fencing, decking and decorative structures so flexibility is important. However, for me, it is not only about the machines capability. Technical support and backup is key. The Daltons Wadkin team have exceptional knowledge of all things Salvador – from initially identifying the right machines through to delivery and implementation’.

Since the late nineties Forest Garden has seen many changes through acquisition and organic growth. In 2006 a new management structure integrated a number of operational processes to ensure faster response to market demands.

The company now operates two separate divisions, Forest Garden and Forest Sawmills, the latter operating out of two sites with the largest being based in Lockerbie, Scotland and has the largest specialist fencing sawmill in the country.

Forest Garden is the manufacturing and distribution arm of the business and is based in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. It proudly boasts the largest manufacturing and distribution sites in its sector from where it delivers weekly to over 3,000 retail outlets in peak season. In addition to that, it also operates an industry leading home delivery service which delivers a staggering 100,000 units per annum.

Daltons Wadkin have supplied Salvador automatic crosscuts to a range of industries including garden product manufacturers, sawmills, timber frame manufacturers, sofa and bed manufacturers, timber merchants, door and window manufacturers, flooring specialists and many more.

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