Salvador Doubles Productivity for Shed Manufacturer

salvador s200

I Like Sheds specialises in manufacturing high quality garden buildings including bespoke summer houses, workshops, log cabins and, of course, a wide range of sheds. As business continued to soar it was time to find a future-proof crosscutting solution for speeding up productivity, saving waste and ensuring quality.

salvador s200We visited their Bedford facility to see how company Director, Russell Smith, and Manufacturing Manager, Simon Pask, were coping with increasing demand six months on from installation of their new Salvador SuperPush 200 automatic crosscut saw.

“To speed the process up we were looking for something that could crosscut at volume – it’s alright for an individual to be able to cut 5 pieces of wood at a time but when you’ve got something that could cut between 10 to 20 pieces of wood then that is just going to increase the supply of timber that we can build sheds with” – Simon Pask.

Russell and Simon attended a demonstration at Daltons Wadkin in Nottingham to see the Salvador SuperPush 200 automatic crosscut saw in action. “I turned to Russell and said that’s amazing, it was just a game changer”. The potential of the Salvador was immediately clear to Russell and Simon. Multiple cutting lists are easily imported from the office via network connection or manually inputted at the machine. Featuring a high-speed pusher, intelligent clamping system, optimisation and defecting software as standard, this heavy-duty saw can deliver accurate and efficient production.

“Using the Salvador now we can cut for 14 sheds in a shift, no problem”, enthused Simon, “It’s doubled productivity”. Simon also reports that operators feel confident using the crosscut saw. Daltons Wadkin specialist installation team carried out training on the Salvador immediately after installation. Swift backup and support is guaranteed with remote machine monitoring and assistance as standard.

salvador s200

“At iLikeSheds we take Health and Safety very seriously, and the Salvador removes a lot of the risk from the operator. Previously using cross cuts – these come with additional risks to the staff cutting wood. The Salvador has an enclosed cutter – which protects the operator and removes that risk to the shed technician building the shed”

Russell Smith, Director at I Like Sheds.



Another huge impact on production has been in saving on waste, as the SuperPush S200 automatically works out the best cut, optimising the yield from each length of timber. “We’re wasting next to nothing now… it massively saves us a lot of money”.

“It’s the speed it cuts the wood. We had someone do 20 pieces of 3m long framing on there and literally whizzed it down in a couple of minutes”. Simon explained the key benefit of the automatic crosscut has been time saved with the ability to cut bulk wood. Going forward, I Like Sheds is looking to expand their facility and continue to invest in their future with automated machinery, in fact within the same year Russell also invested in an Elcon vertical panel saw from Daltons Wadkin, again increasing efficiency for their entire production line.

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Salvador SuperPush 200