Plastic Machining Services Recruit Kimla CNC: ‘Agent K’

Kimla CNC installation

Searching for a new machine capable of replacing two dated CNC routers, Tanya Tonks, director of Plastic Machining Services, found the answer she was looking for with a Kimla BPF CNC router from Daltons Wadkin. We spoke to Tanya on the day of installation, discussing her history of CNC machining, why the Kimla BPF was a ‘no brainer’ and the most amusing project they have CNC machined.

Plastic Machining Services originally formed in 1977, and for the last 25 years has been owned, managed and directed by Tanya Tonks. As in the name, they specialise in machining and fabricating plastics. Anything from small washers to precision machined components and cabinets are created at their impressive facility in Telford.

Tanya introduced CNC machining to the company before she took over the business. Their five Wadkin CNC routers served them extremely well over the years, and their workshop is no stranger to other Wadkin machinery. Tanya told us, “I do love my Wadkin machines. You can’t fault them”.

Eventually, two of the Wadkin CNC machines became dated, beyond repair, and in need of retirement. Given how much CNC machining had impacted their business, there was no hesitation to find a good replacement.

The Kimla BPF CNC router is the most versatile of all models within the Kimla range, the BPF offers exceptional build quality, heavy duty machining performance and extreme accuracy across a wide range of materials. Options such as vacuum table, oscillating knife, creasing wheel, and camera recognition for cut to print finishing enable the machine to be tailored for working in a range of manufacturing environments including furniture, automotive, aerospace, point of sale and sign manufacturing.

Kimla CNC installationFrom the first point of enquiry it was a short journey to placing the order for a Kimla BPF CNC router. Daltons Wadkin invited Tanya to their Nottingham showroom for a working demonstration on the Kimla BPF cutting plastics and foams. After researching the market, Tanya explains what set Daltons Wadkin apart from other CNC providers, “I didn’t feel anyone else offered me a positive alternative. At Daltons Wadkin there was a machine for me to look at, and they wrote the programme as I asked them to. It was a no brainer”. Within weeks we heard that the Kimla BPF CNC would be aptly nicknamed, ‘Agent K’. Proudly serving alongside their other machines, Polly, Rocky, and Fred.

Plastic Machining Services have worked on a variety of projects over the years, and CNC machining has widened their horizons exponentially. We asked about previous projects, Tanya confirmed, “we once got accused of machining ‘Dobbin’ when asked to create a stencil on our CNC router of a horse and rider. Apparently the customer wanted a slim horse!”.

Kimla CNC installation

The Kimla BPF CNC is replacing two Wadkin CNC routers. On installation day Tanya told us, “I’m hoping this machine will be on par and it looks to me like it is. I am really impressed. I am quite excited about it”.

We’re looking forward to hearing how the Kimla CNC, ‘Agent K’, settles in at Plastic Machining Services.

For more information on the Kimla range of CNC routers or to arrange a demonstration contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201, email or visit


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