NIMAC beam saw installation

NIMAC beam saw at Wolds Kitchens

Jonathan Banks of Discount Kitchens Ltd approached Daltons Wadkin initially knowing that they were specialist suppliers of both vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws and having limited workshop space at the time their interest was largely based around the vertical Elcon machines. Of particular interest was the Elcon Quadra which is a fully programmable Vertical Beam Saw which in a small space would probably have been the ideal machine for their requirements.

It so happened however that at about this time Discount Kitchens were successful in obtaining another much larger workshop and this acquisition enabled them to widen their ambitions and think seriously about a horizontal Beam Saw. Alex Dalton was able to identify their specific requirements and offer one of the new Nimac machines for which Daltons Wadkin are sole UK distributors. In the event the machine chosen incorporated a cutting length of 3780 mm and a pusher stroke of 2100 mm, touch screen panel with manual, semi-automatic and automatic cutting modes and post-forming system.

“The NIMAC is an amazing machine, it is already hard to imagine how we would manage without it.”

Jonathan Banks, Managing Director

Discount Kitchens manufacture and supply high quality kitchen cabinets and units and proprietor Jonathan Banks was in no doubt that the new Beam Saw would provide a boost to his business. “The Nimac is an amazing machine” said Mr Banks “and it is already hard to imagine how we would manage without it. Production has been speeded up and the quality of the work we are producing is we believe second to none. Alex assisted us throughout our deliberations and Daltons Wadkin did everything they said they would do”.

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