Kingsbury Press Install Elcon Vertical Panel

Kingsbury Press Elcon vertical panel saw

Kingsbury Press, Doncaster based artists in print have entered a new chapter in their panel sizing operations, investing in a new Elcon 155D vertical panel saw.

Working from two factories in Armthorpe, the company specialise in binding, koloredge, box making and finishing. Kingsbury Press take great pride in using their collective skill, experience and craftsmanship to transform every project into a work of beauty, all manufactured by a dedicated team of craftsmen.

Philip Layton, a Director of the company, recognising a need to increase the volume and speed of production, approached Daltons Wadkin in October 2016 at the W16 Exhibition after researching vertical panel sizing solutions. Discussions with Daltons Wadkin Director Alex Dalton swiftly resulted in the Dutch manufacturer’s machine being favoured over the competing alternatives. A few key benefits of Elcon’s D series proved to meet the exact needs of Kingsbury Press, including the machine’s ability to precision cut to 0.1mm, the unique patented guidance for the saw beam and the robust modular welded frame to ensure accuracy throughout the machine’s lifetime.

The Elcon 155D vertical panel saw has the capacity to cut up to 55mm of material, giving operators the capability to cut multiple panels at one time. Standard features also include a repeat stop for strip cutting, three-part mid rail fence, transport rollers for handling heavier sheets material, and the ability for the main saw blade to act as a scoring blade by adjusting the saw unit plunge depth.

Following delivery, offloading and positioning of the machine, an Elcon factory-trained engineer from Daltons Wadkin attended Kingsbury Press’s new premises to install and commission the saw. As part of the commissioning process, a group of operators received familiarisation training to safely set, operate and maintain the machine.

Alex Dalton is keen to emphasise the importance of these services; “Our team of factory trained engineers take great pride in ensuring that each installation is completed to the highest standard. Whether a novice user or experienced operator our team will ensure you get the most from your investment. And of course, our regionally based service engineers are on hand for the duration of the machines life for on-going servicing and maintenance support”.

Daltons Wadkin are the exclusive distributor for Elcon vertical panel saws in the UK and Ireland. The Elcon 155D is a very popular model in a variety of industries across the UK. From timber merchants, kitchen and furniture design, sign and print production, automotive and aerospace.

Installed at the start of 2017, the staff have had chance to put the machine through its paces. Peter Ingram, Kingsbury Press craftsmen states: “The new Elcon D vertical panel saw has improved our cutting precision vastly. I am particularly pleased with the huge improvement in dust extraction opposed to our previous method. The saw has increased our production by over 50% as we can now cut multiple panels at one time. The installation was flawless, a Daltons Wadkin engineer commissioned the machine, and only left site once we were confident and comfortable to operate the saw. We use the saw anywhere from 50-100 cuts per day and I am yet to find a negative issue”.

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