Kimla CNC Router for REDCO

Kimla CNC router at Redco

Norwich based REDCO is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of machined plastic materials. Established in 1981, the company has been meeting the demands of its increasing customer base with continual investment in its machine shop technology.

The latest addition to the impressive line-up of CNC lathes and milling machines is the Kimla BPF2131 CNC router. The BPF is equipped with a 2100 x 3100 mm matrix vacuum table, 9 kW spindle, automatic tool changer, full CADCAM software suite and the impressive Dynamic Vector Analysis System (DVA) that enables the machine to operate up to 900 mm/sec (54 m/min) at an accuracy of 0.001 mm.

‘The Kimla BPF is by far our most popular CNC model’, comments Daltons Wadkin director Alex Dalton. ‘The Kimla’s diversity for working with almost any material makes it ideal for customers across a range of manufacturing sectors including furniture, joinery, sign and shop fitting, aerospace and automotive as well as educational establishments. The powerful but intuitive software is easy for operators to pick up and allows quick access to all machining parameters right at the machine. It can work independently or be fed by other third party CADCAM software’.

“The Kimla is a key tool to our growth and we will be looking at purchasing a second later in the year.”

Mike Redshaw, Managing Director

REDCO managing director, Mike Redshaw, has built the company’s reputation over the past 35 years providing high quality, reliable machining services for plastic materials. ‘During the first few years it became obvious that East Anglia wanted not just a knowledgeable, reliable and competitive plastics stockholder but also a machining service too. We began by sub-contracting out all the jobs we won but it was soon apparent that we needed complete control of quality and lead times if we were to provide the service demanded by our customers’.

Mike continues, ‘We bought a couple of manual lathes and set up what we laughingly called our machine shop – we learned very quickly that this was not enough. We continued to invest in newer and better machines and more highly skilled staff’.
Daltons Wadkin has seen increasingly high demand for the Kimla range of CNC machines with sales for 2016 up 80% on last year. ‘We keep at least one Kimla BPF model in stock, usually with a 2100 x 3100 mm bed which is ideal for nesting full sheets of plastic or wood based panels, says Alex. ‘I always encourage customers to visit our Nottingham showroom to see the Kimla in operation. You can only really appreciate the substantial build quality and machining capability when seen in the flesh’.

REDCO now operate all over the UK and further afield. Mike continues, ‘It’s been a very stimulating journey for me and it is by no means over yet – a younger generation is taking REDCO into new areas of excellence and indeed new parts of the globe. A number of new products such as Acetate, Tri-Acetate and Aluminium Composite will ensure the future continues to be exciting and stimulating for all at REDCO. The Kimla is a key tool to our growth and we will be looking at purchasing a second later in the year.’

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