Digital Machinery and Investing in the Future, with i Like Sheds

Digital Machinery and Investing in the Future, with i Like Sheds

“We’re not afraid to use cutting edge materials and cutting edge tools at the same time”, Simon Pask, Manufacturing Manager at I Like Sheds, explains the companies forward-thinking attitude on upgrading to automatic and digitised machinery.

I Like Sheds are currently based in Bedford. With the customer at the heart of what they do, Russell and his team strive to create high-quality products to suit all, from bespoke workshops and summer houses to affordable sheds and storage.

Following the purchase of a Salvador automatic crosscut saw from Daltons Wadkin in 2020, Russell, Director of I Like Sheds, was keen to find a digitised panel sawing solution. The new saw would replace a manual OSB cutter, which could not keep up with demand and was time consuming to operate, only able to cut two OSB panels at a time.

After a visit to Nottingham for an in-house demonstration at the Daltons Wadkin showroom, both Russell and Simon were immediately impressed with the Elcon DS, describing it as “a massive game changer”. Having already worked with the team at Daltons Wadkin, Simon also explained how the success of the Salvador S200 instilled a high level of confidence, “the trust goes a long way, the installation team that had already visited know what you do and what you need”.

Vertical panel saws are generally considered one of the safest panel sizing methods available when used by trained operators. The Elcon DS goes further and includes a series of electronic safety systems that monitor the machines saw beam position and head tilt orientation. The machine will not start if it is not correctly set up with the beam locked/ unlocked and head positioned correctly for horizontal or vertical cutting.

“The feedback from the guys is that it’s so much easier and lighter to use”, explained Simon. As with the Salvador installation, the engineering team from Daltons Wadkin gave training on the Elcon DS as soon as it was installed.

The Elcon DS can cut up to four OSB panels a time, already doubling productivity compared to their manual saw. “It’s meant the guys can do between two to four sheds a shift, they were struggling to do two but with the introduction of both products its almost doubled their productivity whilst they’re working, which is great for us”, enthused Simon.

We look forward to seeing the continued growth and development of I Like Sheds over the coming years.

To find out more about the Elcon range of vertical panel saws, please contact a member of our team on 0115 986 5201, email or visit

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