Bayram Timber Boost Crosscutting Productivity with Salvador from Daltons Wadkin

salvador superangle 600

“It’s the best machine we’ve got, without a doubt”, John Hudson, Production Manager at Bayram Timber

Bayram Timber are market leaders in bespoke timber products supplying a range of industries including fencing, garden furniture, joinery, packing and timber frame buildings to name but a few. Strong growth in the company has prompted Bayram to future proof their machining capabilities, in particular with a focus on crosscutting. In 2019 they invested in a Salvador SuperAngle 600 automatic crosscut saw from Daltons Wadkin. John Hudson, Production Manager of the crosscut mill commented on their decision making process, “We didn’t want like for like, we are looking to the future. Investing more at this stage enables us to keep a step ahead of our competitors”.

Evolving since 2001, Bayram Timber now has 18 crosscut saws from traditional machines to more advanced automatic systems. Amongst their objectives include a strong environmental policy and need to reduce waste and their impact on the environment. John explained that during the process of searching for a new crosscut, they looked at the usual familiar brands but nothing was meeting their expectations.

John contacted Daltons Wadkin explaining their requirements for a machine capable of more than the average automatic crosscut. The varied and bespoke nature of their timber products demands precise angle cutting, speed and durability. “The Salvador is just more advanced… there were a couple of jobs we were looking to take off other machines, and the Salvador SuperAngle 600 can do all of that, saving a lot of time, effort and cost. The accuracy is fantastic”, enthuses John.

Features of the programmable Salvador S600 include straight and angle cutting, automatic material measurement, optimisation and defecting as salvador automatic crosscutstandard. Cutting lists can be programmed from an office PC or directly at the machine. John described one of the biggest selling points for them was the remote machine monitoring, meaning that if an operator needs assistance Daltons Wadkin support team can help remotely to resolve the issue.

Since the machine was installed in July 2019 Bayram has seen a significant increase in production. For example, a complex angle cutting job which previously took over five hours can now be processed in under three hours with more accuracy and less waste. The Salvador has also helped reduce labour, as only a maximum of two staff are used to run the machine, allowing other skilled operators to focus on different areas of the workshop. John concludes, “It’s the best machine we’ve got, without a doubt”.

For more information on the Salvador range of automatic crosscut saws, contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 9865201, visit or email