Bright future for wartime bandsaw

Northamptonshire-based Haddonstone, high profile manufacturers of garden ornaments and architectural cast stone for any location from small private gardens to large country estates, opted for remanufacturing their circa 1945 Sagar 30″ Bandsawing Machine in preference to purchasing a brand new 2013 model incorporating all the latest technical advances.

Founder of the business, Bob Barrow, purchased the Bandsaw from the original Wadkin company and it is said that it may have been bought in exchange for a quantity of Haddonstone ornamental stonework! Be that as it may, due to the heavy duty build quality of the machine it was still installed and still running in the Haddonstone woodwork shop when the question of its possible replacement came up for discussion during 2012.

Daltons Wadkin, owners of the Wadkin brand and therefore in a sense successors to both the Wadkin and Sagar names, offered a new high specification Wadkin C700 Bandsaw which forms part of the range currently manufactured at their Nottingham headquarters.

Having seen the quality of rebuilding work carried out at the Daltons Wadkin workshops however Patrick Smith the Haddonstone Wood Shop Manager (recently retired) persuaded his board of directors to invest in the remanufacture of the existing machine rather than purchasing a replacement. Daltons Wadkin Sales Director Andy Walsh commented, “We have grown used to this kind of thing over the years. Whilst many businesses insist on the very latest machinery in order to comply with current safety regulations etc, the fact is that the build quality of a machine like this one cannot be matched today. When all is said and done a Bandsaw is basically quite a simple piece of equipment and there was no reason why it could not be rebuilt in our workshops and at the same time equipped with all the required modifications to enable it to comply with current regulations and be just as easy and safe to operate as a new machine.”

Accordingly the Bandsaw was sent to Daltons Wadkin where it was stripped down to a base casting, all parts right to the cutting edge replaced or remanufactured, DC braking equipment fitted, interlocks to the doors, saw guides renewed with current designs and the tyres on the wheels replaced. In addition the wiring was all replaced and new switchgear and new electric motor supplied and fitted. During this process the current Wadkin green and white paint finish was applied and after testing the machine was collected by Haddonstone for reinstallation in their workshop.

Director Francis Dalton added, “We were delighted to have the opportunity of remanufacturing a classic joinery machine design which although 60 or so years old will now equal or surpass the performance of a new machine. Our company was built up on work of this nature, going right back to my Grandfather’s time, and it is also good to work with a company like Haddonstone who themselves have a deserved reputation for their expertise in the manufacture and supply of stoneware.”


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