Brave Design Reach New Heights in Vertical Panel Cutting


Brave Design Ltd have invested in a fully programmable automatic Elcon Quadra Advance panel saw to boost panel cutting operations in their contract furniture manufacturing unit in St Helens, Lancashire. The Elcon Quadra, which was the world’s first fully programmable vertical saw, can be operated in either manual, automatic or full Quadra beam saw mode via touchscreen controls with programming and memory settings. The machine also incorporates the Elcon Advance clamping system and a side panel clamp/ pusher when used in Quadra mode. The Quadra suits Brave Design perfectly as it cuts three of their panels at one time, making job selection easy and negating the requirement for panel handling due to the advanced clamping mechanism. Saw movements are fully automatic and incorporate head rotation and beam positioning, all via the programming module. The maximum depth of cut is 80 mm and the machine will handle panels up to 5.3 x 2.15 metres.

Brave Design MD Simon Hives, recognising a need to raise levels of accuracy and speed of production, approached Daltons Wadkin Sales Director Andy Walsh and took the opportunity of visiting their Nottingham headquarters whilst the Elcon machine was being prepared for display at the company’s open days at the end of June. The machine was put through its paces by Daltons Wadkin technical staff resulting in a fairly easy decision to purchase together with a Woodwork MF3/180/CS dust collection unit with ducting. Simon Hives said, “We are fortunate in that our enquiry was made at the very time that Daltons Wadkin had the appropriate machine in stock for demonstration and display. This made our decision much easier and we are delighted with the technical advances which the Elcon brings to our workshop capability.”

The machine was delivered, installed and commissioned by the Daltons Wadkin engineering team and Andy Walsh commented, “The Elcon Quadra is a market leader in this type of machine which is a virtual beam saw in the vertical plane. We are confident that Brave Design’s investment will prove to be a wise one and the machine I am sure will impact positively on their manufacturing processes for many years to come.”


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