• Salvamac are a Polish manufacturer of heavy duty semi-automatic crosscut saws and stop systems
  • Salvamac also offer a range of dust extraction and paint booth solutions for use across the industry
  • Daltons Wadkin is the sole agent for Salvamac in the UK and Ireland
  • Daltons Wadkin provide comprehensive advice, aftersales support and maintenance should you need it
  • Why not visit our showroom to see the machines in operation?
  • Salvamac SalvaStop 100

    Programmable Stop system

    Compared to traditional measuring methods that require the operator to manually set a length stop for each cut, SalvaStop brings an instant boost to productivity and increases accuracy. The SalvaStop replaces manual turn over stops or laborious tape measurement allowing the operator to work quickly and efficiently.

    Explore the Salvamac SalvaStop 100
  • Salvamac Classic 40

    Semi-automatic crosscutting

    Once the timber has been manually positioned against the length stop, the cutting cycle is engaged by the operator pressing two separate buttons ensuring hands are kept well away from the saw line. A top pressure clamp descends to secure the workpiece while the saw blade travels up from below the table making the cut before returning to its home position. Infeed and outfeed roller tables can be specified to any length with a choice of manual and pneumatic stops.

    Explore the Salvamac Classic 40
  • Salvamac Classic 50

    Semi-automatic crosscutting

    The Classic 50 semi-automatic crosscut builds on the standard specification of the Classic 50 with increased motor power, cutting depth and cutting width. Additional outfeed and infeed roller tables and fences can be specified to any length required. Standard manual flip over stops or optional pneumatically engaged stops for repeat work are also available.

    Explore the Salvamac Classic 50
  • Salvamac Classic 60

    Semi-automatic crosscutting

    The Classic 60 semi-automatic crosscut saw features large cutting capacity up to 150 mm deep and 610 mm wide, equipped with a powerful 9.2 kW motor. Additional outfeed and infeed roller tables, fences and stops are available to custom lengths. Manual or pneumatically operated stops can also be added as required.

    Explore the Salvamac Classic 60


Daltons Wadkin is the sole distributor for Salvamac products in the UK and Ireland. With extensive showroom and demonstration facilities as well as dedicated engineering workshops we give customers the choice to buy new or used Salvamac crosscut saws.

Our sales and service team can help configure your machine to your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about sliding table panel saws. Why not give us a call or visit our showroom



Salvamac semi automatic crosscut saws form part of our comprehensive range of solid wood processing equipment including Kuper planer moulders, Stenner band resaws and CML multi-rip saws. Our own Salvamac factory trained engineers, sales and service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with choosing or using your Salvamac crosscut saw.


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