Greda POKER CNC lathe for furniture production

  • Greda produce a bespoke range CNC machinery including machining centres and lathes
  • Greda specialise in 5 and 6 axis CNC equipment
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  • Greda POKER CNC lathe for furniture production

    Greda Poker

    3 axis CNC turning

    Combining a CNC turning lathe and machining centre in one, the Poker
    uses 3 axis control with customizable clamping systems to allow multiple
    faces of a work piece to be quickly machined and finished by independent planning, routing, sawing and sanding heads. Automatic hopper loading/ unloading options further increase productivity.

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  • Greda Mitika CNC lathe and machining centre

    Greda Mitika

    5 axis CNC turning

    The Mitika offers all the features of the Poker with two additional working axis to achieve the most intricate of detail as well as increased working capacity. Ideal for turning operations on chair legs, tables, gun stocks or other shaped spindles. The optional automatic tool changer makes it a flexible solution for a wide range of work.

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  • Greda Sprinter 5 axis CNC router and machining centre

    Greda Sprinter

    For ultimate flexibility, precision and productivity this 5 axis portal machine is available with optional bi-rotating operating head with endless A axis rotation, multi function tables and automatic loading/ unloading systems.

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  • Greda DIVA 5 axis pocket CNC machining centre

    Greda Diva

    The ‘pocket’ CNC

    The DIVA is a compact 5 axis machining centre with a minimal working foot print. Don’t let its size fool you. This is an extremely versatile machine capable of working to extreme tolerances. Single and tandem loading beds, bespoke clamping or vacuum holding and an array of head configurations make the DIVA highly customisable whether you are working with solid wood furniture components, model board or other composite material.

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  • Greda Argo CNC Machining Center

    Greda Argo

    Large capacity 5 axis machining

    For large capacity 5 axis machining the ARGO can be equipped with up to 900mm Z axis. This portal style CNC machine can be specified with workpiece clamping and single or twin beds to suit virtually any production requirement. Optional 6th axis rotary turning spindle adds further diversity.

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History of Greda

In 1981 Greda set up their factory in the technologically renowned area of Mariano Comense, famous for furniture design and quality craftsmanship.

This location played an important role for the development and growth of the company. The symbiotic relationship with its customers and the exchange of ideas and experiences have contributed to continual product improvement and innovation.

Today, Greda NC-machining centres are used to process chair components, tables, doors, windows, armchairs, furniture, musical instruments as well as wooden beams and prefabricated houses the world over.

The development goes on. Thanks to successful research and innovative project developments, Greda has been able to enlarge the application of their technology into plastic and aluminium sectors.

Greda aims to offer customized solutions able to deliver high production rates, efficiency, versatility and, above all, excellent finished component quality.

In order to guarantee optimum quality control throughout machine production, Greda only manufactures in Italy using component parts and raw materials selected from leading European and international suppliers.

The ‘Made in Italy’ label is displayed proudly by Greda thanks to unlimited creativity coupled with traditional craftsmanship from experts in the furniture.

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