Altendorf MAGIS – the new operator saw guide

Altenodrf MAGIS - the new digital saw guide

A decrease in the availability of skilled operators and increasing demands for productivity and flexibility are barriers to growth for many UK manufacturing companies. Altendorf MAGIS has been developed to help panel processors overcome this key issue.

Altendorf are keen to point out that MAGIS is not an optimisation program, but rather, a digital saw guide. Regardless of experience or training, Altendorf MAGIS enables all machine operators to work more reliably with less waste on almost any sliding table panel saw, not just an Altendorf.

The Altenodrf MAGIS software application runs on a windows based touch screen tablet mounted at the operators eye level. The software imports cutting list data from existing optimisation programs (such as Ardis, Boole, Brainsoftware, Optisoft, Technos , TrunCad, Palette CAD, LinOpt etc), detects the configuration of the panel saw, and creates a 3D graphical visualisation of the cutting process.

Step by step throughout the cutting process, dimensions for manual fences or automatic powered rip fences are displayed using intuitive icons for the operator to follow allowing even complex nesting operations to be completed with ease. The graphical display is updated after each cut showing which fence to set and how to orientate the panel.

Additional optional features include a second screen mounted on the outfeed side of the machine to allows operators assisting with taking off to identify each finished component. Label printing and bar code software can also be added to identify workpieces for further processing.

Altendorf MAGIS is flexible and very helpful when it comes to optimising operations and processes in small and medium-sized businesses. It makes working with the sliding table saw easier and safer and consequently helps firms to boost their profitability.

Altendorf director Jörg F. Mayer.

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