Altendorf Announcements at Holz-Handwerk 2018

Altendorf F45 panel saw on wood

Altendorf will be continuing their dominance as the market leader in panel saw technology at the 2018 Holz-Handwerk exhibition in Germany with some interesting new features.

The flag ship Altendorf F45 panel saw see some new options and design tweaks including a new vacuum sliding table, air flotation tables, modified clip board, new integrated sawblade storage tool box and the availability of 3-axis scoring combined with 2-way tilting. In addition, the new digital saw guidance tool, MAGIS, sees the addition of an optimisation package prior to its release in the UK.

New vacuum sliding table
F45 vacuum bed

Altendorf were the first to offer vacuum clamping on sliding table panel saws and it has proved a popular feature. Available on the F45, the system integrates into the sliding table itself with individually controlled vacuum grippers along the table length. Wood based panels, plastics and aluminium can be quickly secured in position helping eliminate operator error.

Previously the vacuum pods were positioned with a minimum distance of 185mm from the sawing line, controllable in parallel pairs. Now, the distance to the saw line is just 100mm, and the vacuum pods are controlled independently in both X and Y direction.

Altendorf F45
New air-flotation tables for Altendorf F45
Air flotation tables

In 2017 Altendorf released the optional air flotation table for the F45. This feature creates an air cushion beneath panels enabling them to be handled with ease. This option is now available not only for the cast section of the table but now also for the right hand side and rear extension tables. The extension tables are modified to provide additional strength for supporting heavier work pieces that warrant assisted sir flotation handling. The reinforced tables will also be available as an option without air flotation.

New clipboard with storage compartment

It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the little things that count. The new design clipboard for the Altendorf F45 now features an integrated storage tray for keeping pens, pencils, and no doubt other random things operators feel should be at eye-level. The tray is perforated to stop any build up of dust over time.

Modified toolbox for sawblades
New tool storage box for Altendorf F45
New tool storage box for Altendorf F45

The popular toolbox storage option is now a drawer rather than a swing out opening. This has created much more space for accessing the blades, with a separate section for riving knifes.

3-axis scoring unit for 2-way tilt

The F45 is available with the option to tilt both ways, a feature some customers find invaluable. The quick set 3-axis scorer is now available in combination with the 2-way tilt for ultimate productivity.


The Altendorf MAGIS digital saw guide is soon to be released for sale in the UK giving operators a visual step by step guide to panel sizing. Prior to release in the UK, Altendorf have added their own optimisation software. A simple, intuitive feature that creates an optimised cutting plan for the MAGIS to follow. For more information on MAGIS see our YouTube video below.

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