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CNC Machining Technology

Including CNC routers and CNC machines, to CNC waterjet machines the range of programmable CNC cutting solutions available has never been greater.

If you are looking to take your first step into the world of computer numerically controlled machinery or want to update and exploit the latest technology our range of CNC equipment will ensure you machine smarter.

Engraving machines from Wadkin and Kimla offer a compact, desktop CNC routers for cutting integrate templates or small signs. For larger work the Kimla BlackBird CNC router and BPF Industrial CNC router provide customisable machines with a range of processing heads including router, oscillating knife, creasing wheel and camera registration for working with wide a range of materials.

5 axis CNC routers and CNC machining centres from Greda are designed for high production, offering specialised CNC routers including gantry, portal, cantilever, and rotary lathe type machines with automatic loading/ unloading for maximum efficiency. Machines can also be equipped with finishing units for sanding and polishing eliminating secondary processing.

A waterjet machine will work with all non-wood based materials such as solid steel, stone, foam, leather etc. up to a maximum thickness of 200mm leaving a fine polished finished. 3 axis waterjet and 5 axis water jet machine options from Kimla provide both large format and compact solutions to suit any requirement.

Browse and select from the range of CNC routers, CNC machining centres, CNC engravers, and CNC waterjet machines below.